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Keeping up to date with the latest advances in physiotherapy helps me stay on top of my game and your health.

Physiotherapy has evolved enormously since I started practicing in the mid 1990’s. During this time, I have gained an insight to the complexity of the human system and the types of problems it can have. On-going post-graduate learning with leaders in the field has given me the opportunity to integrate contemporary concepts into my practice. As ideas come to light, I pass them on to you.

I have worked with athletes of all levels and people of all ages and have provided a wealth of physiotherapy skills to help a range of conditions, from sprained ankles to bad backs. I also have a special interest in assessing and managing the pain problems that seem resistant to treatment or even surgery.

Part of my service is to provide a sound assessment and a high level interpretation of the findings to help you achieve your goals. I can also refer you to other health care providers if needed.
The human body is robust by nature and can usually heal itself with the right kind of attention. I will aim to help you understand your problem and what can be done about it.

You can join the growing number of people who are breaking free from the vicious cycle of pain and injury with the help of positive and active therapy, rather than the pitfalls of excessive passive treatments like manipulation and electrotherapy, which could leave you going around in circles.

Michael Dodds Physiotherapy

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