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I saw Michael approximately 18 months ago - quite by chance really as the physio I had been seeing was sick.

I had previously seen a consultant rheumatologist who gave me the very depressing prognosis that things would only get worse and I would end up not being able to do the very things I love - walking, swimming, and playing games with my grandchildren.

My session with Michael was like no other that I had experienced with any physio before. He listened to me, asked about my day-to-day life and my family and what I thought was going to happen to me.

He then explained how the body works with injury, illness and outside stress factors. All this was done in a calm unhurried manner and with a good dose of Aussie humour!

Over the course of a few sessions he helped me build a toolbox of ways to combat pain, move freely and most importantly live life!

This great young man has transformed my life. I don’t think 'maybe I can’t do this' Instead I get on and live life to the full knowing that if ever I need any help in the future Michael is at the end of a phone.

I can’t ever thank you enough Michael.

Karen, business owner, Devon

Michael Dodds Testimonials

At 27 and after a decade of historic back pain I was seriously considering surgery. After a few lessons in understanding pain association and unlearning bad habits, I escaped the cycle of back pain.

Geoff, engineer, Tiverton

Michael Dodds Testimonials

After having issues over the years with a recurring shoulder problem, I had a session with Michael who approached the problem in a much more thorough way than the previous therapists who put me through torturous sessions of various pain inducing contortions which never seemed to work for long.

Michael explained my problem in a way I could understand and explained the course of action needed. After a few visits, one of which included some acupuncture, I was mended and back in the water with a smile on my face.

If you are after a sympathetic and thorough professional physio who is a dab hand with the acupuncture needles then look no further.

Adam, company director, Devon

Michael Dodds Testimonials

In 2008 I started to have restricted movement in my left hip. I was 43 years of age and enjoyed many sports such as hockey, squash, running and walking 7 miles easily.

The problem got worse until I was unable to do any sports and walk only short distances as my hip was locking up. I couldn't even put my own socks on! Driving was difficult and the pain was exhausting. I couldn't sit and relax, even sleeping was interrupted. The muscle in my left buttock had completely gone. I would describe myself as strong and would try my hardest to carry on working which I did but became totally exhausted. I tried many avenues for help or some relief to my increasing problem.

I went to my doctor and had an x-ray which confirmed that I had arthritis slightly worse in my left hip than my right. I was then referred for a steroid injection into my hip. This to me didn't seem right as I had never taken any pain killers. Numbing the pain to me wasn't sorting out what was the actual problem. I had been to Bowen therapy, a chiropractor, a kinesiologist and other physiotherapists with no effect. It was getting so bad I was considering changing my car to an automatic as using the clutch was too painful. I contacted Michael with an open mind as so far no one could help and the NHS steroid injection I placed all my hope in had failed.

On my first appointment, Michael changed my posture and over a few spaced out sessions, gave me small exercises which I did religiously and still do now sometimes.

Now I am fitter than ever! I can ski, have cycled 400km with a fully loaded touring bike round Italy, play golf with a handicap of 13 and I can walk easily for 8 miles. I am eternally thankful for the help Michael gave me and the tools he has taught me to stay physically and mentally fit.

Jill, horticulturalist, Taunton

Michael Dodds Testimonials

I work as a school nurse and Michael has been coming to us twice a week since September 2011. He sees and treats mostly pupils, but also helps some staff with acute and chronic problems.

The results have been amazing, even for those who have failed to respond to treatment in the past. Michael's comprehensive approach works extremely well to produce such excellent recovery rates.

Ruby, lead school nurse, Somerset

Michael Dodds Testimonials

After several years and several physio's I saw Mike about a problem with my knee, which affected me both as an athlete and in my career as a health and sports professional.

After just three weeks I progressed from feeling severe pain at times to almost pain free, and within six weeks I had no problem at all. My training has progressed no end after what was an almost remarkable recovery.

Mike’s personalised approach, along with his on-going support and interest have been fantastic and I would highly recommend him.

James, health and sports professional, Taunton

Michael Dodds Testimonials

There are physios and then there’s Michael! I came across him by recommendation and was sceptical after years trying every type of therapist going to solve my back problem.

His approach was unexpected, but refreshingly so. The aspects surrounding my pain were explored with me and I was encouraged to think and move differently and wow - I can’t believe I have got my life back!

I am a little annoyed to think of all the time and money (thousands of pounds) I had spent fruitlessly on all these therapists before finding Michael, but now realise they were only doing what they believed in and I would blindly go along with it as I was desperate to get better.

I can’t thank him enough for helping me back on track and I can now spend my money on enjoying life instead of endless therapies.

Robert, salesman, Dorset

Michael Dodds Testimonials

I have worked professionally with Michael in a school medical centre for almost two years and throughout have been impressed with his work. He is highly motivated and has an excellent depth of knowledge underpinning his practice.

He establishes very good working relationships with his patients, continually getting results and does not treat the patient endlessly if occasionally the scope and role of physiotherapy is not clear or indicated.

Nicola, school nurse, Somerset

Michael Dodds Testimonials

I have had back problems for 20 years, and had previously seen various specialists who dealt with the immediate issue. However, the pain always returned at a later point, and I would have to revisit the specialist.

A year ago I started seeing Michael Dodds. He established the common theme of when my pain would return, and gave me some exercises to complete. In addition, Mike gave me some relaxation techniques to use when I can feel the onset of my reoccurring problems.

I am now able to manage my back problems so that they don't flare up and prevent me from playing sport.

Kerry, tennis manager, Taunton

Michael Dodds Testimonials

I suffered lower back pain daily for two years and saw a number of people (unsuccessfully) before I came across Michael. As a keen cyclist, I was unable to ride far due to the pain and could not always complete the races I entered. Sitting for more than five minutes was difficult which affected my ability to study.

Because of this, my mood got low and I began to lose hope about being pain-free, working on the farm or cycling, especially as I am only 19.

From the first session with Michael I saw an immediate change. I finally understood why I was in pain and what was needed to get out of it. After only a handful of sessions, requiring lots of work on my part, I was pain-free with all the activities that had troubled me for so long. My mood is positive and upbeat again and I have Michael to thank.

Joshua, farmer/student, Crediton

Michael Dodds Testimonials

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